identity expression - exposed - 3

interpretations of expressions are defined by increments, increments of time, of which define our identity, to which from it, our underlined soul can only be what it can be


7 souls

4 elements

1 day

1 expression

identity expression – exposed

an exposure of elements to define who we are


composed on the base vision objective of 1 expressive identity through 7 of the strongest dance artists, each of the 7 choreographed individual pieces, where on the day of the photoshoot, each piece was combined and group chorephraphed in the formation of our natural  4 elements of earth, air, water, and fire, to form from 7 a 1 identity expression carried through a lens and a vision of a 1.


dance artists

Majd Hajjaj – Salma Ataya – Abdul-latif Amer – Rima Baransi – Maali Khalid – Kamel Saif – Yazan Eweidat



an artistic cooperation between:

nabil darwish
[vision, photography, creative direction]


all rights reserved, copyright 2014

dedicated to an expressive soul, strength given through you made it all happen.